Sherwood Teen Center

Now, more than ever, teenagers have more freedom in making decisions that create their futures—academics, athletics, performing arts and civil leadership. However, with more freedom they are also exposed to factors that hinder away from them being successful such as internet access, peer pressure, bullying and health and wellness choices.

Our Y believes it is vital for our younger generation to be supportive and nurtured in their tween and teenage years, so they can build a foundation of moral values and community leadership. We are committed to utilizing our resources in assuring a safe space and providing role models that exemplify the Christian principles of love, respect, honesty, responsibility and service for all 6–12 graders.

We invite you and your 6–12 grader to join us in creating a stronger and more connected community. Start by filling out a Teen Center Membership Packet.

Need a ride after school? We offer free bus service daily from SMS and the Sherwood Charter School. Students attending LRMS and SHS can check with the school office about school buses that drop off at the YMCA.

We want to thank our sponsors, Life Changing Dinners and OregonAsk for their generosity in supporting the Teen Center’s mission of creating a safe space that puts our Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy, spirit, mind and body for all.

If you would like to be a sponsor to fulfill the Teen Center Mission, contact the Teen Center Supervisor.