Sherwood Regional Family YMCA

Welcome to the Sherwood Regional
Family YMCA

Welcome to the Sherwood Regional Family YMCA, a family-oriented community center offering kids, families and individuals the opportunity to invest in more than physical fitness. Unique to this facility is our superb aquatics area, which includes a 25 yard lap pool and a 65 foot water slide.

Sherwood Recreational Proposal Comparisons
The City has posted on their website five Proposals they received and your YMCA compares very favorably to the other proposals. We are sharing this information with our Members and Participants and are including a Proposal Comparison that provides an overview of the key differences. One of our strongest attributes is the quality and diversity of our programs with 115 distinct offerings, led by our caring and dedicated staff.

City of Sherwood's YMCA Feasibility Study
The City of Sherwood owns the YMCA’s Sherwood facility and we have been good partners for over 18 years. The City is evaluating other potential providers to manage and operate the facility and its related programs, starting on Oct. 31, 2018, and has taken the first steps in an RFP process. The City or the YMCA must give notice by Oct. 31, 2017, or the contract will automatically renew for another five years.

We applaud the City for ordering a Feasibility Study, which lists several operators with pros and cons to each. Thestudy highlights your YMCA in many positive ways, and provides us with the opportunity to respond and clarify several key areas. Feasibility Study & YMCA Responses