School Enrichment Registration

2016 – 2017 School Year
Registrations continue to be accepted for the 2016 – 2017 school year. Registration for the 2017 – 2018 school year will begin in late spring 2017.

All families (including current participants) wishing to take part in our Before and Afterschool Enrichment programs need to be registered by mid-August each year in order to receive care the first week of school.

Please note that the 1st day of school is the 1st day of care for any programs. Kindergarten children may have a different start date than grades 1-6. Please check your school calendars.

How to Register
The following forms (found below) must be completed and submitted to our office at least two business days in advance of attending with us. The forms may be found at the bottom of the page.

• Parent Confirmation and Agreement
• Payment and Policies Agreement Form
• Health Form (a separate one is needed for each child)

Please complete each form to the best of your ability. If you are unsure of the days of attendance, please mark the days that your child will most likely be attending. When you have completed the forms please return them to the School Age Child Care Program Office (address is below) with the registration fee. The registration fee for the for the school year is $50 for 1 child or $75 for 2+ children. Registrations may not be faxed.

A confirmation letter will be sent to you confirming your days of attendance, package choice and monthly payment. If any of the information has changed (phone numbers, days of attendance, package choice), please contact your Regional Child Care Office. Please note that payments are due on the first of the month.
Registration can be mailed, emailed or dropped by our office during business hours. If you would like to email your registration you may do so to Please be sure to include a daytime phone number with your email so that we may contact you for registration payment. No faxes, please.

Child Care Program Office
9500 SW Barbur Boulevard, Suite 240
Portland, Oregon 97219

Parent Confirmation and Agreement
Health Form
Payment and Policies Agreement Form
Bank Draft
Charge Card Draft
Parent Handbook