Sherwood Regional Family YMCA

Welcome to the Sherwood Regional
Family YMCA

Welcome to the Sherwood Regional Family YMCA, a family-oriented community center offering kids, families and individuals the opportunity to invest in wellness for spirit, mind and body.

Our Commitment
The YMCA will continue to operate the Sherwood Regional Family YMCA for the remainder of our contract, which goes through October 2018. Our ongoing focus is on providing quality programs led by our caring and dedicated staff. We have invested 19 years in the Sherwood community and will continue to serve our members and participants now and in the future.

City Council Begins Contract Negotiations with the YMCA
The Sherwood City Council has discontinued contract negotiations with Health Fitness and we expect them to follow the RFP process and begin negotiations with the YMCA. That is good news. There are still hurdles as the City Council considers multiple options that include the possibility of selling the possibility as well as the option of discontinuing the RPF and beginning that process again. We are hopeful about the process and look forward to serving the community for many years to come.

More Information
On Tuesday, Oct. 3, the City Council will take the next steps in the RFP process. This will include discussions about the multiple options the City Council might consider. As we learn more we will communicate information. For additional information about the process, please visit our FAQ page and Sherwood City Council Vote.