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Day Camps

YMCA of Columbia-Willamette day camps provide children with new experiences, skill building, a sense of community and lasting friendships.

Our YMCA offers Winter, Spring and Summer Day Camps throughout the Portland regional area at many of our child development centers and school enrichment sites. For more information about locations, visit Day Camp Locations.

YMCA Day Camps incorporate a mix of fun and education activities with themes that include art, sports and science to name just a few.

YMCA Winter and Spring Day Camps are open to children from kindergarten through fifth grade, ages five to twelve. Our Summer Day Camps are available to campers entering first through eighth grades, ages five to fourteen. Day Camps are offered at up to 19 locations throughout the Portland and Vancouver five county area.

We are committed to nurturing the potential of every child. At the YMCA we know that with the right building blocks for healthy development, children gain the skills they need to be active, thriving and contributing members of society.

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For more information, view any of our day camps below. You can also Contact Us or 503.327.0007.

Winter Day Camps
Spring Day Camps
Summer Day Camps

Achievement, Relationships and Belonging
In our day camps we intentionally foster achievement, relationships and belonging.

Your child will be challenged to try new experiences and to try until they succeed. This approach shows children that there is so much they can do when they believe in themselves. We surround every child with support, guidance and opportunities to discover and learn. YMCA day camps provides children with the ability to explore new talents and interests and to discover their passions.

We're here to inspire kids to work together and play together, creating friendships that can last a lifetime. Staff are carefully chosen and trained to help children flourish socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically, role modeling our Christian principles of love, respect, honesty, responsibility and service.

Our goal is to make kids feel welcome. Children quickly learn that YMCA day damps are a place where they belong and can be themselves. Kids in our Day Camps thrive knowing they can relax in a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment.

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