YMCA Camp Collins
We use this natural setting to offer a wide variety of traditional camp activities for our campers. Our current summer programs include Day and Resident Camps for elementary and middle school children, as well as Teen Leadership programs for high school students. Visit Camp Collins Career Center for a full list of open positions.

YMCA Camp Collins is accredited by the American Camp Association. The camp meets hundreds of standards for program quality, health, safety, administration and facilities. These guidelines are the most widely recognized standards in the camping industry.

Each summer, two thousand children come to YMCA Camp Collins. Our goal is to provide these children with fun and exciting activities, while offering opportunities for new friendships, learning and personal growth during their stay. Camp Collins has been providing campers with a progressive, challenging and supportive environment since 1926.

Year Round Employment
There are no year round positions available at this time.

Summer Camp Employment
YMCA Camp Collins is seeking responsible and caring leaders who live enthusiastically and care deeply about others. We are looking for staff with the ability to communicate honestly and openly, to stay positive when challenged, to problem solve creatively and to participate energetically.

For more information on day and resident summer camp positions, please contact the camp office. For more information on teen summer camp positions, please contact Mel Thimm, Summer Program Director, at 503.663.3190. When you are ready to apply, select from the links below and please send applications to YMCA Camp Collins, 3001 SE Oxbow Parkway, Gresham, Oregon 97080 or fax to 503.663.2323.

Please Note
You will need to download the employment application and open it in Adobe® Reader®. If necessary, please visit Adobe® to install Adobe® Reader®.

What to Expect at Camp
Cabin Counselors at YMCA Camp Collins live in cabins with 8 – 11 campers, and spend most of their day with that group. Throughout each one-week session, counselors act as parents, friends, teachers and role models for campers. Cabin Counselors are the primary care takers of the campers in their cabin and are responsible for the safety and well-being of each camper. Each counselor has unbelievable opportunities to have a positive impact on campers’ lives. Counselors may work with different age groups each week, depending upon need in each village.

Program Staff and Specialists are an integral part of the camp community, offering programs and instruction, assisting and covering for cabin counselors, living in the cabins as part of the cabin group and participating in all camp activities.

Day Camp Counselors work with day campers that come to camp Monday through Friday. Staff meet campers at designated pick up / drop off sites in the morning, ride the bus back to camp and then spend their day with their group of campers. Day campers are based under a large tent, with plenty of picnic tables for lunch as well as crafts and activities. Day campers participate in a majority of camp activities, and then leave in the late afternoon. Day Camp Staff then receive time off and then join the cabin group that they live with for an all camp evening activity.

All staff work a six-day week, with a 24-hour break from Saturday noon to Sunday noon. Additional three hour break times are allotted each day.

Teen Staff work in teams of two or four, live in the cabins, platform tents or tipis with their campers and facilitate all programming throughout the day. Teen programming consists of three sub-units: Counselors In Training (C.I.T.’s), Expedition/XL (eXtreme Leadership) and traditional Teen Camp. Teen programs are unique in that its counselors create their schedule and implement programming for each sub-unit. Teen Camp and XL campers stay two-weeks on camp with a two or three-day off-site trip. Expedition sessions are one-week in length with most of their time spent off-site on a kayaking or backpacking trip. C.I.T. programs occur in both three-week and two-week session lengths. All teen staff will receive a 24-hour break every six-day work week however it may be scheduled other days/times of the week than the fixed Saturday noon to Sunday noon.

Leadership Team Directors at YMCA Camp Collins supervise the counseling and program staff. They are responsible for planning, training, conducting observations and evaluations, and ensuring the safety and well-being of staff and campers. Directors support staff in planning, organizing and implementing value-based programs for their age group or program area. Directors do not reside in cabins with campers. They are responsible for fulfilling tasks and duties to help create an intentional community and summer camp program.

YMCA Camp Collins is a drug, alcohol and smoke free workplace for all summer staff. Mandatory random drug testing will happen during the summer.