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How can individuals contribute financially to support children and families at the YMCA?

There are several ways to become involved with giving towards the YMCA:
Gifts of Cash Write a check, or authorize a charge on your credit card or debit card.
Gifts of Securities Publicly traded stocks are an asset used for charitable giving which help our organization while also providing tax benefits to you when appreciated stock owned for over a year is transferred.
Gifts of Retirement Plan Assets To maximize the value of a retirement account, consider making a lifetime gift of its after-tax value to a tax-exempt, deferred giving plan benefitting our YMCA.
Gifts of Real Estate Using real estate, such as a home, farm or commercial property, to fund a gift allows you to preserve your cash assets, receive significant tax and income advantages, and make a strategic gift.
Gifts of Life Insurance Donating your life insurance could be a wonderful way to fulfill your desire to support our work. By making the YMCA of Columbia-Willamette the beneficiary of an existing policy, you make good use of your resources and expand your ability to make a Legacy gift.
Bequest Consider naming the YMCA of Columbia-Willamette as a beneficiary in your will or trust to help future generations.

How can corporations and foundations work with the YMCA?
The YMCA's Resource Development Office fosters mutually beneficial partnerships with corporations and foundations in Oregon and Washington. The YMCA's strengths in character-driven programs and services can advance a company's strategic business interests and help philanthropic organizations achieve their goals. If you would like to discuss ways that the YMCA can help your organization achieve its goals, please contact Bruce Patton, Vice President, and Chief Development Officer at 503.221.5342.

What things should I keep in mind when considering end-of-the-year giving?
As the year ends, we enter into the season of thanksgiving, in which charitable gifts provide much-needed support for our mission, and provide the opportunity to enjoy tax savings.
Time it right! By timing your charitable gifts before December 31, you may include itemized deductions on your current year income tax return.
Write a check We always appreciate gifts we can put to immediate use.
Charge your credit card A fast and easy way to make year-end gifts is to simply call and make an outright gift with your credit card.
Contribute appreciated publicly traded securities that you have held more than one year You can claim deductions for their full, fair market values and avoid tax on their appreciation.
Prepay a pledge You can choose to pay off your pledge either the entire amount or an upcoming installment. Pledges are deductible in the year they are fulfilled, not in the year they are made.
Donate an insurance policy A life insurance policy you no longer need makes a perfect year-end gift. To qualify as a gift, the charitable organization must become the owner of the policy.
Securities If the securities are to be electronically transferred, our broker will provide our DTC and Account Numbers for receipt, the gift date is officially the day the securities enter the YMCA's account. For hand-delivered securities, the day they are received by the YMCA or its broker will be the date of the gift. For more information on securities, please contact Bruce Patton, Vice President at 503.221.5342.
Real estate Upon acceptance by the YMCA, the gift date is the day that the YMCA receives the signed deed if hand-delivered or the postmarked gift if the deed is mailed.

We encourage you to seek financial advice from a planner you trust. We recognize the weight of this decision and believe it is in your best interest to discuss your plans with a respected financial, legal, and/or charitable organization advisor. Find someone with whom you can confidentially discuss your financial and personal goals concerning your charitable giving interests: what you want to give, the timing of your gift, and how a gift will be made. This information will help determine a plan best suited to your needs.

What is the Annual Campaign?
This annual fund supports the entire experience at the YMCA and targets the most pressing needs: scholarships, outreach, and youth development. Through the Annual Campaign, we ensure that the YMCA is available to all. Annual giving is the means by which YMCA staff, board members, members, parents, and friends can most effectively contribute their charitable support for the YMCA each year. The YMCA encourages participation at all giving levels.

Does my gift really make a difference?
Absolutely. Every gift, regardless of size, makes a difference. The gifts of thousands of YMCA friends quickly add up.

Does the YMCA accept Matching Gifts?
Yes, corporate matching gifts are encouraged. Simply provide your company's matching gift form and submit it to the YMCA with the gift. The YMCA promptly completes the matching gift form and returns it to the corporation.

Will I receive a receipt for my gift?
All those who give a donation receive an IRS tax compliant acknowledgement letter for your tax reporting purposes.

Can I make a gift in honor or memory of a friend or loved one?
Memorial gifts are welcomed. You will be provided a tax compliant acknowledgement letter. The individual (or his or her family) will receive an acknowledgement from the YMCA noting that a gift has been made in memory of the person you name. Your name and address will be provided to the memorial family so that they can acknowledge your generosity, but the YMCA does not share the gift value with the family.

What are the manners in which I can make a gift?
Cash, checks, credit cards, bank electronic funds transfers/draws, appreciated assets; real estate, artwork, collector cars, and planned gifts can benefit the YMCA. Capital pledges may be structured over a period of years with a signed letter of intent. Annual gifts to the Annual Campaign should be paid in full by December 31. Payments may be made in person, via mail, by phone call, email or online.

How do I contact the Resource Development Department and/or where do I mail my gift?
Contact Bruce Patton, Vice President at 503.221.5342, or use our mailing address: YMCA of Columbia-Willamette, 9500 SW Barbur Boulevard, Suite 200, Portland, OR 97219.